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Producing Value for Social Good

We are crowdsourcing “answers” that produce thick value as described by Umair Haque, in particular, when that value is seen to promote social good.

Philanthanthropy, while it may promote “social good,” is not likely to ever be sufficient to cure the problems that have been created by broken financial systems and corporations whose profits are based on externalities for which we all as members of society end up bearing the costs. Thus, we must make fundamental changes in the way we live our lives and the way we do business, if we are to produce sustainable changes. Myopic businesses, who do not see their ultimate success tied to producing real “thick value,” are like poker players on a sinking ship, focused on the chips in front of them, which ultimately will have little value when their ship sinks.

Thus, we seek to promote a new “common sense” rather than relying on altruism to address the problems we need to solve for a better future.

“Social Entrepreneurship” is one of the areas where we will focus. However, we also plan to highlight non-profits and other “groups” that might not describe themselves as social entrepreneurs.

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